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Friday, February 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

Well, this Christmas was much more "jolly" thank last year. If you recall from last year's post, Santa, did NOT come to visit us. The kids needed a hard lesson to be learned and we needed to follow through. So, this year, the kids were very cautious, especially the closer we got to Christmas. The kids did get lots of gifts from Santa this year, I'm happy to report!

It was a pretty nice Christmas. We did all of our "normal" Christmas activities and tried hard to fit them in because our break from school was a little shorter than it in years past. I love our traditions and I try to stick to them as much as humanly possible. ((photo heavy))

We baked cookies!

We adopted our Christmas Child from Operation Christmas Child. We went to all of our Christmas parties. Andrew's office Christmas party and then his office also holds a Children's Christmas party which the kids enjoy going to each year. This is where we visit Santa. Santa was very aware of our Christmas situation last year, so he was very quick to make sure the kids were behaving. Beckett was a little blown away, that Santa remembered. They always have a lot of fun here, decorating cookies, seeing the magician and getting to eat and drink lots of cookies and hot cocoa.

We celebrated Christmas number one with my parents. My sister and her kids were there. Her husband was home with the flu. Boo :(  The kids all had a good time and dinner and dessert were very good. We were fortunate that the weather held out.

Next was Christmas at home. We went to Christmas Eve service at our church. I don't have to tell you how much I love this. It really is my favorite part of Christmas. I also try hard to dress the kids nicely like my mom always did. I do this twice a year, Christmas and Easter. It is very important to me. Don't ask my why, because I simply don't have an answer. The only thing I can think of was that is was important to my mom that my sister and I dressed nicely for Christmas and Easter. It's trivial..I know. Sorry. Our pastor always sits on the stage and invites the kids to come up and he reads a new story each year about the birth of Christ. They then get a goody bag to play with while he reads the adults the story of the birth of Christ. A story that will never tire. After that we sing carols and then turn out the lights, light the candles and sing Silent Night. Perfection!! Afterwards, we came home to Santa's elves leaving us all a nice surprise of popcorn, a movie and a surprise for the kids...Christmas jammies :) I got the "christmas crack" ready to pop in the oven the next morning and we got all set to watch the movie.

Christmas morning seemed to be a blur...I hardly remember taking pictures. The kids each got a few things for each other and some gifts from Santa. No one was hurting for gifts. This year was kinda fun as Finley was really into it. No one really had to help her open them. Problem is, she wanted to play with everything as soon as it was opened. LOL. I don't want to let these days go though because soon all will be lost to clothing, electronics and anything else for parental avoidance. :)

Christmas afternoon was very uneventful. I'm happy. It was a good time to just be with each other, put together toys, lego mansions and spend time playing games. The next day was Christmas number three so the kids were equally excited.

Andrew's family came here this year to celebrate. That was a nice change.  We ordered pizza and really just got a chance to enjoy each other's company more. It was so very relaxed. Perfect, actually. This was an exciting Christmas for Tatum as she was gifted her first (and only I'm sure) American Girl doll. She and Uncle Mark picked out this doll together and she got her a few days later. It was so fun to see her reaction.

We all had a great Christmas season. I enjoyed the kids really getting into their gifts this year. We enjoyed the laidbackness (my own made up word) of this season. We have a great family and we are so very blessed to get to spend time with each of them. We were missing Andrew's sister though. We will get to see them in the next few months for Christianna's graduation. 

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful new year. 

Now to catch up on the rest of what I've missed!!

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Cher Falz said...

I LOVE the dress Tatum is wearing visiting Santa and then on Christmas Eve with the sweater. It is so pretty and with the boots, so very Tatum.

Such a sweet post!