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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Beckett

I was kinda waiting to write this post because we haven't really "celebrated" his birthday with his buddies yet. Thanks to the weather and the flu virus that attacked our home the last few weeks his "gathering" kinda got postponed...indefinitely. I'm so done with this weather. Honestly..I'll leave that for another post.

Well, bubba! First, I love you. I can't say this enough because I sometimes wonder if you believe me as much as I tell you. You are such a loving boy. You will stop at nothing to try to "impress" me. You constantly give me hugs and snuggles and kisses. Although, these are mostly staying at home and no longer do this in public. I tend to do more to embarrass you than I ever thought possible. ((sigh)) You still call me mommy or mama and I love this so much. I hope you never let go of it.

You are all boy. Nothing much has changed regarding that. You continued with football this year and added in some tae kwon do. You've accomplished so much in this past year. HUGE. You figured out how to ride a two wheeled bike, catch a football, do a roundhouse kick. You love playing games on the Wii or the Kindle. Your favorite TV show is still Phinneus and Ferb.

You started Kindergarten--Full Day. You are so smart and so logical. You love to figure out problems and are so quickly becoming a math whiz. You are reading at a high second grade level and love to bring home all these books from the second grade classroom. Livie from next door gets to be your school buddy often and read with you in class. Mrs. Wise thinks you are just as wonderful as we do. You love to make up silly jokes (even if we don't understand them or think they are funny). Lego's are you toy of choice right now and if you get a new set, you tend to work on it until it is done.

You love your sisters so much and you and Finley are the best of friends. She missed you so much when you went to school in the fall. I think it was a bigger adjustment for her than it was for you. You and Tatum still argue a lot, but when you play together, you do play together well.

Oh my dear boy. I hope such good and wonderful things for you this year. I know this will be a HUGE year for changes. BIG changes. We will try so hard to keep things easy for you and try to help as much as possible. We love you so much and we know we are doing all we can to help you succeed in things:) We see you growing so big and tall every single day. There are days we wake up and know the good Lord decided to grow you just a little more. You weight in at 52 lbs and are 47 inches tall.  We keep thinking you will surpass Tatum soon.

For your birthday dinner date with mommy and daddy you again, chose Noodles. I know you love this place. Anyplace that has mac and cheese is a place for you. (or used to be).

We were suppose to take you and a few of your buddies out for lunch and to see the Lego Movie for your birthday but you were not feeling so well and then your buddies were all sick. So we have had to postpone this event until a little later. We will get you to that movie with your buddies, bubba, I promise. If it is the last thing I do, we will make it happen.

Please know that we love you so much baby. So so much. We are so very excited for what the 6th year of your life holds! We love you to the moon and back!

I hope soon we can get you out and post some pictures of that. How fun!!

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Cher Falz said...

I got a little teary eyed! From one momma of a bubba to another, they will always have a special place in our hearts.